Smart Urban Villages

The Smart Urban Villages team are proudly pioneering a more sustainable housing model to create the next generation sustainable communities that are accessible without the need for a mortgage.

We design and develop environmentally friendly communities tailored to the needs of those people who have registered. So, instead of just trying to choose a new home from a traditional developer, we invite you to tell us what you want, so we can build it, in one of your favoured locations. You'll know your neighbours and be able to easily share common resources which will make living cheaper and much more enjoyable.

There are several differences in the Smart Urban Villages model:

All of the innovations help to reduces costs in the long-term, creating affordable living, instead of aiming for "affordable housing" which has a short-term focus. Smart Urban Villages is not a provider of social or public housing however, its long-term rental options and infrastructure ensure all residents save more in the long-run. Renting for more than 5 years at a time will be offered, along with purchase or investment opportunities for those interested. Even if you do not intend to move to a new home for many years, please still let us know what you prefer, as we are planning several years in advance. We also work with charities and government to deliver innovative housing so feel free to contact us with your ideas or if you would like to help fund a community or suggest a site.

Our team speaks from experience, including from international award-winning ecovillages, and cohousing and Green Star communities. We invite you to use us, to create your more ideal home in a vibrant, eco-friendly and supportive community. Please register with us to stay in touch or express an interest in a future green home.

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